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Ovenparty Air Fryer Silicone Baking Tray - Food Safe & Easy clean

Product information :

Material : Silicone

Specifications :

  • Square Gray (L) / 20.3 (cm) / 8 (inch)
  • Square Pink (L) / 20.3 (cm) / 8 (inch)
  • Round Gray (L) / 22 (cm) / 8.6 (inch)
  • Round Pink (L) / 22 (cm) / 8.6 (inch)
  • Round Gray (S) / 19 (cm) / 7.5 (inch)
  • Round Pink (S) / 19 (cm) / 7.5 (inch)

Features :

Useful : Keep the basket clean. The best air fryer accessories can solve the problem of cleaning the basket after use. Designed structure for air circulation.

Easy to Clean : Dishwasher safe.

Environmentally Friendly : Reusable silicone liner to replace other inner pots of the air fryer. You don't need to spend more on parchment paper, which will help reduce pollution.

Make Delicious Food : Let the oil drain naturally and collect to maintain moisture and purity.

Food-Grade Material : It is made of reliable medical-grade silicone, non-stick, non-toxic, and you don't need to worry about burning with high-temperature resistant silicone materials.


Super Easy To Use !

What if there was an accessory that could make clean-up a breeze? That's where a silicone baking mat comes in. This innovative mat is specifically designed to fit inside air fryer baskets, creating a non-stick surface that catches any food or grease that might otherwise stick to the basket. When you're finished cooking, simply remove the mat rince it and wash it down. No more scrubbing through the grid, no more hassle.

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  • " It fits perfectly in my airfryer. It's a must-have for any airfryer owner! "
    Anna Rahab
    Client of Ovenparty
  • " I recently purchased an airfryer baking tray and I'm absolutely thrilled with its performance."
    Olaf Kim
    Client of Ovenparty
  • "The airfryer baking tray has been a lifesaver !  It's incredibly easy to use and clean, I highly recommend this tray to anyone. "
    Lynda Virginia
    Client of Ovenparty

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